Art Arbogast

Bill Arbogast
Bill Arbogast, Artist
Mural for Town of Castle Rock
Bill is passionate about art.  He lives in Castle Rock Colorado with his family; Lee Ann, Kelsey, William and Sam the family dog. Bill has worked closely with his clientele to create unique and specific art reflecting his customer's tastes and genre. 

Paint what you feel, feel what you paint!

303 596-8106
Acrylic on Canvas 
28" x 22"
Bill has been in the sports industry for most of his life. Playing, coaching and directing soccer has been his passion. He still teaches coaches for the State Association and is a proud United States citizen with Jamaican and European descent. He has been painting for the last decade and has been able to adjust his techniques and abilities to paint various styles. He has been published in several magazines and loves to volunteer his time through the Murals project in Castle Rock and for other non profit organizations. Bill is able to paint outside (In Plain Air) and does most abstract painting in his art studio. If you would like an original "One of a Kind" painted for you or a friend please contact Bill at 303 596-8106. Prices are economical and negotiated with zero pressure.